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Recursos Twitter para los adictos

Aca una lista de usuarios twitter interesantes para no aburrirte con twitter al principio.

Link Original: Rich Twitter Resource for Twitter Addicts

@homerbot - Fan of the simpsons? Homerbot gives one quote from the show in the morning, and one in the afternoon.
@woot - A brilliant electronics deal a day
@sfearthquakes - If you didn’t feel the shakin’ feel it through twitter
@timer - works like a wake up call. usage DM @timer 10 CALL MUM
@twittersecret - get it off your chest you dirty boy you.
@amazon - DM a book title or ISBN to get back a link to the amazon site.
http://www.retweet.com - A good source of new and interesting bots on twitter
@MrTweet a recommendations engine on twitter. Takes a few days to build your recommendations.

Celebs on Twitter (uk celebs)
@Schofe - The silver haired wonder that is Philip Scofield

@AlanCarr - We love you Alan - where fore art thou JLC?
@Wossy - Jonathan Ross wocks the boat
@RealDMitchell - If you don’t know who it is. You don’t deserve to know. I love Peep Show.
@stephenfry - The Actor and comedian. Hat tip to you fine sir.
@johncleese - Fawlty Towers king
@rustyrockets - Russell Brand - Hero of comedy
http://www.celebritytweet.com/ - Find all the celebs you want on this dedicated site.

Usa celebs
William Shatner - Captain Kirk.
Britney Spears - The real Britters. honest.
MC Hammer - Cant touch this? Well now you can. Almost.
Dave Matthews - Singer Songwriter.
Lance Armstrong - pro cyclist.

Meme Tracking
http://www.tweetmeme.com - Popular links rising on Twitter, shows the conversation and the people that have Retweeted
http://twemes.com/ - Rising terms on twitter. Offers RSS feeds of certain #hashtags.
http://twitrratr.com/ - Positive / Negative tweets from users using it. Seems not to be getting much traffic, considering Twitter search has this built in anyway.
http://twist.flaptor.com/ -See Trends breaking in Twitter.

URL tools
http://twitturly.com - Tracks the URLs that others have tweeted. Great for finding links from people that you know you found on twitter.
http://alexgirard.com/twitt/ - Import Twitter Stream links to Delicious. Requires Ruby
.http://mashable.com/2008/01/08/url-shortening-services/ - Loads of URL shortening


Having trouble fitting things into 140 characters? Try some of these which will convert to 140 characters, faster than a teenage txt nut.
http://tweetshrink.com/http://www.twonvert.com/http://140it.com/ - also converts to bit.ly, and StockTwits company names.

Visual Enhancements

http://tweetvisor.com/ an alternative twitter interface
http://www.twitpic.com post pictures easily to your twitter stream
http://tweetgrid.com/ - another grid based twitter interface. One of the best ways to see multiple twitter streams together online.
http://www.jigtweets.com/ - Adds an Genius javascript overlay to twitter allowing you to post a location, link or picture from your hard drive. Why isn’t this already there?http://www.tweetworks.com/ - Threaded conversations. Also turns #hashtags into Grouped conversations.
http://www.tweetfeed.com/ - Groups Conversations into Twitter “walls”
.http://www.tweader.com/ - Threaded Conversations
http://www.tweetscribe.com/ -TweetScribe is a service that gives you a twitter feed by topic or search term, instead of by followers.
http://twitterified.com/ - Enhances the Twitter interface. Allows longer tweets, rich text and posting of pictures easily.
http://www.twitsaver.com/ - Superb screensaver of recently posted pictures on Twitter.
http://autopostr.com/ - let your friends automatically know when you have posted to Flickr.
http://twixxer.com/ - Shared Video and Pictures with Twitter.
http://www.twittersoap.com/index.php - Strange Mashup of twitter and mobile blogging site Mobypicture. Tweets are organised into “Episodes”.
http://www.bubbletweet.com/ - Add video to your twitter page.
http://twitterfall.com/ - a twitterwaterfall interface. Neat.
http://flockotweets.com/ - groups your followers into digestable RSS chunks. For easy reading.

http://twtpoll.com - post poll questions to Twitter. Receive the results from your followers. A great way to do market research if you are a business twitter user.
http://twittonary.com/ - A twitter dictionary. Explains various twitter related words.
http://www.lazytweet.com/ - Ask questions to a larger twitter following. Receive the answers back.
http://twitthis.com/ - Promotion buttons which allows your visitors to easily promote your website or blog on Twitter.
http://twitterreply.com/ - Never miss an @reply - sends replies to your email.
http://www.twitterment.com/ - Alternative Twitter Search Engine
http://tweepsearch.com/ - Search other users followers.
http://twist.flaptor.com/?tz=0 - compare two terms on twitter. Like Google Trends.
Following Tools
http://www.twollow.com - Auto Follow people
http://www.useqwitter.com - From the guys over at Contrast - know when someone unfollows you.
http://www.twitterel.com/ - Find followers with similar interests to you.
http://www.twitterless.com/ - Keeps a graph of your followers.
http://justtweetit.com/ - combines a twitter dictionary with a way to find similar Twitter users
http://twintro.org/ - Ever day twintro tweets a different users updates. Helps you find new and interesting Twitter users.
http://whoshouldifollow.com/ - Who should you follow based on your friends.
http://www.crazybob.org/twubble/ - Who’s in your twitter bubble?
http://twittersnooze.com/ - Put someone on snooze if they are too noisy or piss you off.
http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/ - Helps manage your followers better with Pagination for friends and ordering and sorting. Flash based app.
http://twittertroll.com/ - Twitter search engines which can help you find more people to follow.
http://twitter-friends.com/ -as If you didn’t need more people to follow..Here’s another Friend finding tool.
Tw33t.me - Why follow people. Provide reasons why, and build your own unique page.- @followfinder will suggest new friends to follow.Backgrounds / Icons
http://www.twitbacks.com Free customised Twitter backgrounds.
http://www.twitterbacks.com All a bit naff to be honest, but there are free PSD’s to download and customise.
http://twittertreats.blogspot.com - Wallpaper and Icons blog for Twitter.
http://www.twitterimage.com/ - More custom twitter backgrounds.
http://twitterpatterns.com/ - Twitter background patterns.
26 Awesome Backgrounds from us. Shameless plug I knowhttp://twittershowcase.com/ -- just launched twitter backgrounds site.

Twitter Scheduling / Organisation

http://futuretweets.com/ - Schedule tweets in the future.
http://twuffer.com/ - Similar to future tweets, but sexier site IMO.
http://twittercal.com/ - connect your twitter account with your Google calendar
http://twitresponse.com/ - a Twitter AutoResponder tool

Money Making
http://twitpay.me/ -Receive and send dough via Twitter.
http://be-a-magpie.com/start - Put advertisements in your Twitter stream. Big uproar in the Twitter community about this one.
http://www.twittertise.com/ - Track the traffic you send to your site.

Just for Fun
http://cursebird.com/ - Find out what foul mouthed followers are getting up to. Not for the easily offended.
http://popacular.com/gigatweet/ - Counting the number of Tweets. Pointless but fun to watch the counter count.
http://www.divvoted.com/ Vote for great websites via Twitter.
http://foamee.com/ - Owe someone a beer? Give it to them via Twitter.
http://wasoverheard.com/ - Provides an anonymous way to tweet things which you have recently overheard.
http://twistori.com/ - FunTwitter based tool from Amy Hoy. Find tweets based on Love Hate Think Believe Feel Wish feelings on Twitter.

Ego - Tools
http://www.retweetrank.com/ - Ranks users based on how many retweets they receive.
http://twitter.grader.com/ - Ranks the most popular twitter users with the most influence or followers.
http://twicksize.com/ - measure the size of your twick. Tongue in cheek piss take of recent ego tools.
http://tweetrush.com/ - Graphs out your recent twitter activity
.http://www.twitterposter.com/ - Provides a visual representation of the sphere of influence of a particular twitter user.
http://web.forret.com/tools/twitter-tq.asp - Calculate your Twitter Quotient.
http://twitterratio.com/ - Follower to Friend Ratio.
http://www.twitstat.com/ - Twitter Statistics page updated daily.
http://twit.pix.ly/ - Twitter Avatar combat. Fight!
http://twitterholic.com - How much of a TwitteraHolic are you.
http://twinfluence.com - Whats your Twitter Influence?

Music Tools
http://www.foxytunes.com/twittytunes/ - Tweet what you are listening to on Twitter.
lastfmlovetweet.com - Post the tracks you love on Twitter. Direct from Last.FM.

Location Tools
http://www.twitterlocal.net/ - An Adobe Air application that allows you to watch locations in Twitter.
http://www.citytweets.net/ - Twitter activity in and around your City. Mostly American cities.
http://twittearth.com/ - Live 3d Model of Tweets from all over the world.

Directory Tools for Twitter
http://www.socialbrandindex.com/ - Social Brand Directory organised.
www.twellow.com - Get listed in the Yellow Pages for Twitter
http://www.twitdir.com/ - Another Twitter Directory

http://www.twibs.com/ - Business Directory for Twitter.

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