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Para que juegues con Twitter: Miscellaneous Twitter web apps & services

  1. 21 Tweets - Helps you change your habits through 21 daily tweets.
  2. Amazing Twitter - Twitter marketing service optimized for iPhone.
  3. ArrivedOK - Tracks your cell phone signal and auto-tweets an "I’m OK" message to selected followers when you turn your phone on after landing.
  4. AskOnTwitter - Collects and displays all tweets containing the phrase "does anyone know."
  5. Audiotwit - Hear what your friends listen to while surfing the web.
  6. BeatMyTweet - Word scramble game over Twitter.
  7. Boarding - Stranded at the airport? Find fellow travelers.
  8. Booktwo - A project to read books to the world via Twitter, starting with James Joyce’s Ulysses.
  9. Botanicalls - Hardware plus Twitter system that lets your plants notify you when they need water.
  10. Bx - Businessweek’s social networking site using Twitter plus its own Bx network.
  11. C02 Emission with Twitter - Calculate the C02 emission caused by an individual users’ tweets.
  12. Calendar Tweet - Tweet events to followers’ calendars.
  13. CheapTweet - A coupon and deal directory allowing users to vote up the best deals. Penalizes spamming behaviors such as duplicate posts.
  14. - Ask the Twitterverse simple yes or no questions.
  15. Commuter Feed - View and post traffic and transit delays.
  16. Cursebird - Tracks popularity of various cursewords in real time.
  17. DefineTwitter - What does Twitter mean to you?
  18. Direct Textbook - DM user textbook with the ISBN of a book to get its price.
  19. DreamTweet - Anonymously Tweet your dream or nightmare.
  20. Flackr - News feed compiled from around the web, including Twitter.
  21. FlixPulse - Keeps track of the positive vs. negative movie reviews tweeted for specific movies.
  22. FlockPoker - Create and host a Texas Hold ‘Em table with a single link; login through a Twitter account.
  23. FluTweet - Tracks illness-related keywords in tweets to find trends in flu epidemics.
  24. Foamees - Track who you owe beers or coffees to.
  25. Fuelfrog - Automatically create a graph of your car’s gas mileage over time.
  26. GTalkTwit - Update Twitter from your Google Talk status.
  27. GtFtr - Fitness tracking with Twitter.
  28. Hanniversary - Service to alert you when you’ve reached a Twitter counts milestone.
  29. Harvest - Time and expense tracking service.
  30. Hashike - Aggregates recommendations using the hashtag #like.
  31. Hollrr - Endorse something that you love.
  32. Hot Tweeters - Like Hot or Not for Twitter users.
  33. HowMuchIs - Tweet an item’s details and the bot will respond with the three best prices for it.
  34. Huitter - View your Twitter feed like a RSS feed.
  35. I Hate Vans - Twitter tribute to the character Francis from Left for Dead based on real Tweets.
  36. I Know Tweet - Ask the Twitterverse for answers using the hash tag #iknowtweet.
  37. iList Micro - Uses hash tags #iwant and #ihave to create a Twitter marketplace that matches buyers and sellers.
  38. InnerTwitter - Sends periodic chimes to alert users to be mindful.
  39. Jabber Twitter Bridge - Checks your Jabber or Google Talk status and updates your Twitter status.
  40. JointContact - Collaborative project management service that can be updated through Twitter.
  41. JustSignal - Helps you sort social media content to get to what you’re interested in.
  42. Krumlr - Simple, quick social networking site that ties into Twitter.
  43. LastTweet - Display your most recent tweet in your toolbar.
  44. Lexigraphs - Creates wordart from individual users’ most tweeted words.
  45. LOLWRUS - Converts tweets into lolcat speak and applies them to a random cute animal picture on the web (does not tweet them).
  46. Louder Tweets - Share your reviews for your favorite items via Twitter. Related to
  47. Lovetwits - Site for sending anonymous tweets of love.
  48. Media Center Status - Windows app that updates Twitter status with your currently playing media.
  49. MeetNow Live - City-based event finder.
  50. - Aggregator for reviews on Twitter.
  51. Mindmeto - Calendar and reminder service for Twitter.
  52. Moochfly - Track what you’ve loaned to who, and direct message reminders to them.
  53. MuZoid - Tweet the name of a band to muzoid and get some info about them in reply.
  54. My Twitter Notebook - Keep notes for yourself on Twitter.
  55. MyCalc - Message this service to turn Twitter into scientific calculator.
  56. MyChores - Schedule and plan your to-do list with Twitter.
  57. Myflightinfo - Get your flight status with a DM.
  58. Mymilemarker - Easy to update mileage tracking service.
  59. Nutritter - Get nutrition info.
  60. OutTwit Me - Collection of Twitter-based games.
  61. Phweet - Talk to your Twitter friends with VOIP for free.
  62. Planypus - A wiki for your social life using Twitter.
  63. Plodt - Plot the things of interest to you.
  64. Portwiture - Randomly grabs photos and inserts from the web that apply to your Twitter status.
  65. Pubcrawlplanner - Easily plan a pub crawl on Twitter; find pubs, pick a theme and use custom invites.
  66. RedTag Tweets - Check the Twitter stream for coupons and deals.
  67. Remember The Milk - Popular to-do list management system.
  68. Roll.The.Dice - Twitter service that lets you generate random numbers through events including rolling dice and flipping coins.
  69. Sad Statements - Sad tweets auto-combined with Flickr images.
  70. Shareaholic - Social bookmarking browser client supporting more than 60 services including Twitter.
  71. Shopseen - Join a shopper’s social network by Twittering pics of local stores.
  72. SickCity - Analyzes the Twitter stream to determine the sickest cities around the world.
  73. Sigpad - Use your Twitter status as an email signature, including photos.
  74. Skibble - Tweet an animated whiteboard and collaborate with others on the board.
  75. Smashing Feeds - Mega compilation of Twitter news.
  76. SnapTweet - Service for quickly tweeting Flickr photos.
  77. Snipt - Easy way to share source code snippets on Twitter.
  78. - Tweet a song title or mp3 link and your followers can listen to the song in a player.
  79. Sporty Tweets - Stay up to date on your favorite teams.
  80. Spotd - Creates a network of citizen journalists for sharing the news in major cities.
  81. - Tool for creating and managing competitions on social networks including Twitter.
  82. Spymaster - Spy game played over Twitter.
  83. StockTwits - Network for stock and investment news.
  84. StoryTeller Me - Collaborative story-telling, poems and interactive fiction via Twitter.
  85. Strawpoll - Tiny daily Twitter polls.
  86. SugarStats - Blood sugar tracking for diabetics by DMing @ss1.
  87. SweetTweet - Tweet a gorgeous birthday cake.
  88. SXSW Lesson - Share the lessons of SXSW and retweet them.
  89. SyncMood - Synchronize Skype and Twitter status.
  90. Tempo - Track budgeted hours, people and projects and update through a variety of methods, including Twitter.
  91. The Bot Project - An attempt to identify all bots on Twitter.
  92. The Twitter Tag Protect - A game of tag on Twitter.
  93. Thwoa - Mashes up Jaikus and tweets in a floating, screensaver-like display.
  94. Tigerbow - Send real, tangible gifts to people over Twitter without needing to exchange physical addresses.
  95. Tlurk - If you and your friend are both Tlurk users, you can view each other’s Twitter timelines.
  96. Toodledo - To-do list program that can be modified through Twitter.
  97. Track Daily Goals - Use the #dailygoals hash tag to track your accomplishments.
  98. TrackThis - Tweet your tracking number and get updates when a package changes location.
  99. Traintext - Get BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train schedule times on demand.
  100. Tratata - Easily post a message to the public Twitterwall.
  101. Trazzler Buzz - Tracking the most tweeted travel destinations.
  102. Twackle - Sports site and widget that finds tweets relating to your favorite teams, players, leagues and events.
  103. Twaction - Turns @ replies into actions.
  104. Twalala - Filter out and silence unwanted things in your Twitter stream.
  105. Twapper - Mashup of 30Boxes and Twitter.
  106. Twapps - Gallery/listing of Twitter apps.
  107. Twash - Vote the coolness of tweets up and down.
  108. Tweba - A Twitter marketplace using the hashtags #ihave and #wanttosell.
  109. Twecipe - Tweet ingredients to @twecipe and get a recipe in return.
  110. Twee60 - Update your Xbox Live status with your Twitter info.
  111. Tweeght - Stream of deep thoughts on Twitter.
  112. Tweeplecard - Create a free Twitter business card from various designs.
  113. Tweepshoot - Western shootout iPhone game—shoot the most-wanted spammers on Twitter, but don’t shoot your friends.
  114. Tweet My Link - Submit a link to be tweeted to the Twitterverse.
  115. Tweet On The Street - Technology topics rumor network for Twitter.
  116. Tweet Test - Collection of Web-based mini-games using data from your public Tweets.
  117. Tweet Ticket - Can’t use your ticket to an event? Want tickets? Join this network.
  118. Tweetans - Tweet a questions to be answered by experts everywhere.
  119. Tweetaways - If you’ve set up a Twitter-based contest challenging users to Tweet a specific phrase, use Tweetaways to randomly pick a winner from that group.
  120. TweetBrain - Ask questions across the Twitterverse.
  121. TweetCC - Publish and license your tweets with a Creative Commons license.
  122. TweetConvo - View any Twitter conversation as a thread.
  123. TweetCruit - Twitter job recruiting network.
  124. TweetDare - Lets you send a dare or secret message to the next person to register on TweetDare.
  125. - Shows dreams posted to Twitter.
  126. Tweeterology - Displays tweets about the weather, searchable by location.
  127. Tweetfail - A collection of tweets featuring the word "fail."
  128. TweetFlicks - Share your movie reviews.
  129. TweetLib - Pulls a random tweet and inserts it into a literary passage, often with humorous results.
  130. TweetLinkMonster - Creates an Atom feed of the links tweeted to you.
  131. TweetLister - Tweet real estate listings quickly with a web form.
  132. TweetManager - Web-based Twitter manager.
  133. TweetMart - Classifieds for Twitter.
  134. Tweetmeme - Tracks the hottest links on Twitter in a Digg-like interface.
  135. Tweetmood - Analyzes your last 20 status updates for mood.
  136. TweetPhoto - Easy multi-featured photo sharing service.
  137. Tweetree - Organizes your Twitter stream in tree form to provide context.
  138. TweetRSVP - Answer questions and respond to offers.
  139. - "An online social news rack of popular topics."
  140. - Print a tweet on a t-shirt.
  141. TweetSticker - Create a cute sticker with the Twitter bird and your username.
  142. TweetVisor - Web-based Twitter dashboard.
  143. Tweetwasters - Enter your username and calculate how much time you waste on Twitter.
  144. TweetWhatYouSpend - Money tracker exportable to CSV or Excel.
  145. Twenglish - A silly site that translates tweets into "Twenglish."
  146. Twesents - Send virtual gifts to friends.
  147. Twestival - Twitter events to benefit clean water charities.
  148. Twetris - Flash-based web game combining Tetris and Twitter, forming the latest tweets into blocks.
  149. Twi 5 - Twitter app resource.
  150. Twiddict - Service for the times that Twitter goes down—makes sure your tweets arrive at the intended destination when the service goes back up.
  151. Twiggit - Automatically tweet what articles you Digg.
  152. Twiix - Post your Twitter messages by topic.
  153. Twimme - Searchable display of all contests and giveaways being tweeted about.
  154. Twintoxirater - Fun quiz to rate your Twitter obsession level.
  155. Twippr - Send money over Twitter.
  156. Twirl of Riches - Hangman-style Twitter game.
  157. Twishlistter - Create and share wishlists over Twitter.
  158. - Collects and shares tweets about songs and plays the songs.
  159. Twistori - Liveupdating graphic stream of the uses of love, believe, hate, feel, think and wish on Twitter.
  160. Twistory - Export your Twitter feed to your calendar application.
  161. Twit2RSS - Read Twitter in your RSS reader.
  162. Twit4trivia - Twitter-based trivia game.
  163. TwitBrain - Twitter game of super-quick calculations.
  164. TwitCal - Online calendar updatable through Twitter.
  165. TwitchBoard - Compiles your received links and sends them to services like delicious.
  166. TwitDiscounts - Twitterwall of discounts and deals.
  167. TwitFuel - Share local gas prices.
  168. TwitIQ - Web-based Twitter UI enhancer.
  169. Twitku - Read both Twitter and Jaiku in one place.
  170. Twitmarks - Application that tries to guess a user’s gender from their Twitter stream.
  171. Twitmoan - A place to complain about users who abuse the Twitter system. Claims to be monitored by Twitter support.
  172. TwitNote - Jot down your notes wherever you are using Twitter.
  173. Twitoku - Play sudoku by Twitter. Follow @twitoku.
  174. Twitpay - Make payments over Twitter using Amazon payments.
  175. Twitplot - Chart/plot on Twitter.
  176. Twitpoop - Lets you poop on anyone on Twitter.
  177. TwitQA - Discover, ask and answer questions via Twitter.
  178. Twitquizzes - Take personality quizzes like "What Twitter celebrity are you?"
  179. TwitRand - Choose a random follower from your list, for use in contests and promotions, etc.
  180. Twitread - Captures tweeted book reviews.
  181. Twitshop - Uses the hash tags #forsale, #4sale and #auction to create a marketplace directory.
  182. Twitspam - Site dedicated to stopping Twitter spam.
  183. Twittascope - Get your horoscope tweeted to you.
  184. Twitter app blog - A daily listing of Twitter apps.
  185. Twitter King Widget - Netvibes Twitter widget.
  186. Twitter Magnets - Play with magnetic poetry words and tweet the results.
  187. Twitter on ThinCloud - Web interface for Twitter for iPhone.
  188. Twitter Poll Daddy - Create a Poll Daddy multiple choice poll.
  189. Twitter Public Timeline Screensaver - Screensaver that posts a new tweet from the Twitter public timeline every three seconds.
  190. Twitter Tees by Threadless - Hip T-shirts about Twitter.
  191. Twitter Weather - Get and send local weather updates.
  192. Twitter2Mail - Monitors and emails you your @replies.
  193. Twitter411 - Engine that allows you to create a Twitter-based information service.
  194. Twittercal - Connect your Twitter account to your Google calendar.
  195. TwitterGrep - View the most followed news and updates coming out of Twitter. No need for a Twitter account.
  196. TwitterJobCast - Track who’s hiring in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
  197. TwitterJobSearch - A job search engine for Twitter.
  198. TwitterNonsense - An almost-daily webcomic based on Twitter.
  199. Twittley - Social bookmarking site for Twitter.
  200. Twittonary - A dictionary of Twitter terminology.
  201. TwitTrans - Tweet to twitrans for your Tweets to be translated by humans and sent on.
  202. Twittypop - Asks "who’s the hottest boy or girl on Twitter?"
  203. Twitvine - Grab exposure by including "twitvine" in your tweet. It will be displayed at the site.
  204. Twitzu - Promote your event on Twitter.
  205. Twivaways - Give away things on Twitter.
  206. Twollars - Send "twollars" to show appreciation to tweeple.
  207. Twonate - Donate to your favorite charities over Twitter.
  208. Twonvo - View your Twitter conversations as a thread.
  209. Twoogie M.D. - Tweet from a "Doogie Howser, M.D." style interface.
  210. Twrctr - iPhone-optimized view of Twitter
  211. Twrivia - Follow Twrivia to get Trivia questions tweeted to you—tweet your answers.
  212. Twtask - Make simple to-do lists.
  213. TwtBizCard - Create and tweet a business card.
  214. Twtcard - Send a greeting card, invitation or message via Twitter.
  215. Twtjobs - Create a Twitter resume; post a job opening over Twitter.
  216. Twtlst - Create a simple gift registry for any occasion.
  217. Twtpets - Battle of the cute pets. Tweet a pic of your pet and keep track of your pet’s score among users.
  218. Twtpoll - Create Twitter-based polls.
  219. Twtqpon - Coupon creator that helps you distribute through social networking sites.
  220. Twttrlist - Gather your favorite tweets using multiple keywords and make "best of" lists.
  221. Twttrstrm - Ask your followers and gather your answers all in one spot.
  222. Twuoted - Collect great quotes by viewing Tweets marked with #quote tag.
  223. Twurfer - Get and send surf reports from your cell.
  224. Ugomo - Log workouts via Twitter.
  225. UgoTwitt - Get your Twitter replies by email.
  226. Uladoo - Simple and powerful app for collecting any kind of data and charting it via Twitter.
  227. Vayuzillow - Find the estimated value of an address, powered by Zillow.
  228. Verse Of The Day - Get any verse in the Bible tweeted to you by DM. Concordance and Bible dictionary entries also available.
  229. - Easily create wishlists on Twitter, Facebook and Delicious.
  230. Weatherizer - Updates your Twitter background and avatar according to the latest weather.
  231. WeatherSplat - Get daily weather updates tweeted to you.
  232. What do you think about Twitter? - Take a web-based poll.
  233. Whose Tweet? - Web-based game that challenges you to match your friends’ Tweets to their names.
  234. Wordola - Word game of unscrambling letters on Twitter.
  235. Xbox to Twitter - Connects your Xbox Gamertag to your Twitter account; update your Twitter with the Xbox game you’re currently playing.
  236. XboxTweet - Automatically tweet your Xbox achievements.
  237. Xpenser - Record expenses and hours through phone, SMS, IM, Twitter, and more.
  238. YiqYaq - Blends music with text-to-speech readings of tweets and posts from other social networks from your friends.
  239. ZombieTweet - Make your choices to defeat zombies, then tweet about it.
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