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Como cambiar tu ID de Twitter sin perder followers

Esta semana andamos muy activos, esta vez encontramos en Rick Butts Shows, un interesante articulo: How to Change Your Twitter Username ID

When I first got on Twitter I had no idea that the username would be SO IMPORTANT.

In fact, if you are trying to use Twitter to get famous, attract clients, or grow your business your Twitter Username is as important as your domain name in the social media world!

I originally got /Rick_Butts - thinking that this would be a good display name. This mean I had to tell people Rick UNDERSCORE Butts - and then I had to type the darn thing over and over.

As my followers began to grow I ran in and was lucky to grab http://twitter.com/rickbutts in a separate account.

Now, with more than 1000 followers - how can I change my username in Twitter so I don't lose my followers?

Turns, out it was really easy.

How to Change Your Twitter Username

1. Login to new account at Twitter.com/rickbutts and change the username to /rickbutts1

Then log out and…

2. Go to the old established account (the one with all your followers) and change /Rick_Butts to /rickbutts

Log out and go back to…

3. Go to the account that you renamed /rickbutts1 and change that username to /Rick_Butts - so that no one else can grab it - and so that summize links won't be dead.

4. Leave a note there about your correct username in case new people come there looking for you from an old NON-TWITTER link.

You Will Not Lose Your Followers

You will keep ALL your followers - and everyone's address book will be automatically updated - so you are totally cool.

Everything on Twitter will note the change - you just want to insure that old links go somewhere that people can find you - but, once again, all your Twitter stuff will work perfectly!

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If you want to add anything to this post - please leave it in the comments and I will check out what you say - add it to this post and give you credit and update this post so it is entirely accurate.

This post is kindly sponsored by the Amazing Twitter Squeeze - get tons of followers and grow your business fast!

Claro que si no sabes ingles pues resumimos las cosas mas importantes:

- El nombre de usuario de twitter es ahora mismo casi tan importante como un dominio.

1. Ingresar a cuenta nueva en Twitter.com / rickbutts y cambiar el nombre de usuario / rickbutts1

A continuación, salir y ...

2. Ir a la vieja establecidos en cuenta (el uno con todos sus seguidores) y el cambio / Rick_Butts a / rickbutts

Salir de la sesión y volver a ...

3. Ir a la cuenta que rebautizado / rickbutts1 y cambiar dicho nombre de usuario a / Rick_Butts - a fin de que nadie puede apoderarse de ella - y para que summize vínculos no estar muerto.

4. Deje existe una nota acerca de su nombre de usuario correcto en el caso de nuevo allí la gente viene buscando desde un viejo NO Twitter enlace.
Usted no perderá sus seguidores

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