lunes, julio 24, 2006

Buscando Fotos curiosass 2

1) What is Mike's mother suffering from? I'm guessing a stroke because it looks like half of her face is numb.
2) I've already decided on a major pairing, Don and Mike but I was wondering if you you wanted to see any other pairings. I'm open to suggestions considiering that I've got nothing at the moment.
3) This is AMA related. I'm trying to work on my Seven Deadly Sins series once again but I'm running out of people to use. Any ideas?Anywho, that's enough for me. I'm going to bang Garrett hedlund crash and burn in my bed.Night.

foto 2: Futbolista llorando

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Bueno no entiendo ingles pero, creo que el lanto se debe a lgo mas que haber perdido un campeonato.

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