lunes, octubre 05, 2009

Nombres Reales de 50 Celebridades

Por alguna extraña razon este post no salio hace unos meses y hoy lo encontre en el basurero y lo coloco aca:

  1. Allen Stewart Konigsberg changed his real name to Woody Allen.
  2. Fred Astaire’s real name is Frederick Austerlitz
  3. Jane Alexander’s real name is Jane Quigley.
  4. Jennifer Aniston was christened Jennifer Annasstakis
  5. Julie Andrews was originally Julie Wells
  6. Eric Bana’s name is really Eric Banadinovi
  7. Antonio Banderes’ real name is José Antonio Dominguez Bandera - That’s a hell of mouthful.
  8. Jack Black is really Thomas Black, Jr.
  9. David Jones changed his name to David Bowie.
  10. Heh. Marlon Brando’s real name was Marlon Junior Brandeau. Excuse me but who uses Junior as a middle name? Smart move changing that.
  11. Mel Brooks was born Mel Kaminsky.
  12. George Burns changed his name from Nathan Birnbaum.
  13. Nicolas Cage was born Nicolas Coppola - He changed his name so no one would equate his name with his famous uncle’s.
  14. Lucille La Sueur later changed her name to Joan Crawford.
  15. Tom Cruise is the stage name for Tom Mapother.
  16. HIs real name was Jacob Cohen but you knew him as Rodney Dangerfield.
  17. Geena Davis was born Virginia Elizabeth Davis.
  18. Do you recognize the name Doris von Kappelhoff? No? How about Doris Day?
  19. Danny DeVito is really Daniel Michaeli.
  20. Sally Fields was born Sally Mahoney.
  21. Fortunately Frances Gumm changed her name to Judy Garland.
  22. Even though Whoopie Goldberg’s name is just so believable, her real name is Caryn Johnson.
  23. Charlton Heston’s real name is Charles Carter.
  24. It’s no secret Hulk Hogan’s real name is Terry Jene Bollea.
  25. Rock Hudson’s real name was Roy Sherer, Jr.
  26. Believe it or not, Boris Karloff’s real name is William Henry Pratt.
  27. Diane Keaton was born Diane Hall.
  28. Ben Kingsley’s real name is Krishna Banji. No really.
  29. Michael Landon was born Eugene Orowitz.
  30. You may know him as Larry the Cable Guy but his real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney.
  31. Shirley MacLaine’s real name is Shirley Beatty - she’s Warren’s big sister.
  32. Try and pronounce this one: Walter Matthau’s real name is Walter Matuschanskayasky.
  33. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker.
  34. If I was born Demetria Gene Guynes I’d change my name - so did Demi Moore.
  35. Chuck Norris is really Carlos Ray.
  36. Lou Upchurch changed his name to Lou Diamond Phillips. What the hell is up with the “Diamond?”
  37. Brad Pitt’s not too far off from his real name, William Bradley Pitt.
  38. Tony Randall was born Leonard Rosenberg.
  39. Meg Ryan is really Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra.
  40. Wynona Ryder was born Wynona Horowitz.
  41. Jane Seymour’s real name is Joyce Frankenberg.
  42. Charlie Sheen is really Carlos Irwin Esteves. Irwin?
  43. Christian Slater was born Christian Michael Leonard Hawkins.
  44. You probably already know Tina Turner’s real name is Anna Mae Bullock.
  45. One can see why Jean-Claude Van Damme shortened his name from Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg.
  46. Christopher Walken is really Ronald Walken.
  47. We don’t know why Susan Alexandra Weaver changed her name to Sigourney.
  48. Gene Wilder was born Jerome Silberman.
  49. Reese Witherspoon is shortened from Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon.
  50. Bruce Willis is really Walter Willison.

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