domingo, enero 31, 2016

Video Una hembra tiburón se traga a un macho ante los atónitos visitantes del acuario

After slowly devouring a tank mate, the sand tiger shark has been swimming around the aquarium with a tail hanging out her mouth.

The largest shark at a South Korean aquarium has slowly eaten a smaller shark in an apparent "turf war".

The eight-year-old female sand tiger shark, measuring 2.2m (7.2ft) long, attacked the five-year-old male banded houndshark on Thursday - and reportedly devoured him bite by bite.

A day later, visitors to the aquarium in Seoul watched with amazement as the shark swam around the tank with the tip of the victim's tail hanging out of her mouth.

Experts believe the tail will remain in her mouth for up to five days - but as she will be unable to digest her rival, the body will likely be regurgitated within a week.

Oh Tae-Youp, who works at the aquarium, said: "Sharks have their own territory.

"However, sometimes when they bump against each other, they bite out of astonishment.

"I think the shark swallowed the whole body, because they usually eat it all when they bite the head part."

Although there have been bust-ups between sharks at the aquarium before, instances of sharks eating their tank mates are rare - and this is the first time the attraction has seen such an attack.

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