jueves, septiembre 24, 2009

Y la Señora Cha fallo en su 775 examen de Licencia de Conducir

En Febrero de este año les informabamos acerca de la Abuela Coreana que fallo su prueba numero 771 de su Licencia de Conducir, pues ahora 4 examenes despues .......... volvio a fallar.

La nota completa en:

Korean Women Spends 10 Million on Driving Tests

Cha Sa-Soon, an elderly South Korean woman, has inadvertently reaffirmed age-old jokes about female drivers by closing on a world record for most failed driver’s tests. The 68 year old pensioner from the Wanju county has failed the theory section 775 times.

Cha first tried out for the written exam in April 2005 and has faired miserably ever since.

Her scores always fell into the 30-50% range where the pass rate required a 60% score.

Since her first attempt, she has been showing up almost every weekday for the same exam for the past few years.

Applicants are charged 6,000 won for every attempt and the Driver’s License Agency in Cha’s district, where she has been setting this fail record, figures that the the sum total of all unsuccessful attempts probably add up to 4,000,000 won ($3,000).

They also state that additional expenses like transport costs probably raise this figure to 10,000,000 won ($6,800).

Seguir leyendo en el link de arriba.

If and when Cha succeeds, she will then venture into the practical aspect of getting a license – driving an actual vehicle!

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